Wig Bases

Different wig bases

Another consideration when choosing a wig is the type of base you require. There are three main base types when choosing either a synthetic or human hair wig:

     • Standard Modern Wig

     • Monofilament Top Wig

     • Hand Tied ( use the image of one of the Raquel Monofilaments)

     • Lace Front

Modern standard wig base

On the standard modern base the top section has been machine made and has “perm tease” at the root of the fibre to hide the material at the base of the wig. This stops you from seeing the base underneath. It also gives them great root lift as and when needed on styles. The rest of the base is made up of rows of hair called wefts. These run from temple to temple around the back of the head from top to bottom. There is a small gap between each row. This allows the wefts and fibre to move freely, replicating natural hair movement but also allowing the head to breathe underneath by letting air through to circulate and keep you cool.

Monofilament top wig base

Monofilament Top wigs are identical to the standard wigs at the back but have different top sections. The Monofilament Top wigs instead have a natural look scalp section underneath. The fibre on the top section has been hand knotted into the material so it resembles your actual scalp with hair growing from it when observed from above. This is great if you like to have a definite parting, plus they do tend to sit flatter to the head than the standard wigs

Hand tied wig base

The hand tied bases incorporate the Monofilament Top “horse shoe” top section but the back section is made up completely of lace rather than wefts of hair. The hair fibre is then individually hand knotted into the base strand by strand. This makes them extremely fine and light weight. It is possible to put a parting in them virtually anywhere and it will look natural; the hair looks as though it comes straight from the scalp. These wigs tend to be slightly more delicate so extra care must be taken when looking after them.

Lace front wig base

Both Mono top and Hand Tied wigs can also have an extra added feature called a lace front. This means the front of the wig has a very fine skin toned mesh on which individual hairs are tied that looks like natural hair growing from your hairline. These wigs can sometimes (but not always) need the fine mesh to be trimmed away to where your natural hairline would be.

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