Which wig styles

Which wig style is right / best for me?

How to choose a wig that compliments your face shape.
Just like a haircut, different styles of wig will suit different face shapes. Use the guide below to help you choose the best looking wig style for your face type.

To determine your face shape:
Place yourself in front of a mirror, pull your hair back. Trace the outline of your face, with a bar of soap, onto the mirror. Compare the outlined shape on the mirror to the illustrations below:

Face shape - Triangle

Triangle Face Shape
Narrow forehead with a wide chin.
Try a shapely-layered look or a curly wig style. Heavy fringe and layers build fullness on top to soften a wider crown. Hair should be layered all around and tapered in back and at the sides.

Face shape - square

Square Face Shape
Angular jaw line is the same width as the forehead.
Try a short wig style that is wavy on top. The wispy edges soften a wide forehead and strong jaw line.

Face shape - Oval

Oval Face Shape
Well proportioned, with length of face longer than width.
You can try any wig style. A classic oval shaped face looks great with all styles. Why not try a long wig style with a few graduated layers around the face.

Face shape - Heart

Heart Shaped Face
Wide forehead, high cheek bones narrow ( V-shape ) chin.
Try a short and smart elfin crop wig that is wedged or tapered at the neck.A long wispy fringe softens a rounded and peaked forehead: layers are long at crown, graduated at the sides, and tapered at the nape of the neck.

Face shape - Round

Round Face Shape
Full cheeks with a circular form.
You have a great face shape to go for a long wig, with lots of soft curls, a layered style, or a classic page. Layers on top and longer length at the back will elongate your face.

Face shape - Narrow

Narrow Face Shape
Slender face with a narrow chin.
Try a chic bob, or a bob wig with waves or soft curls on the top and sides. This style tends to round out your face.

Face shape - Diamond

Diamond Shaped Face
Narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones.
Bobs work very well for this shape. Avoid wearing height on top or volume on the sides. Use some fringe to cover a narrow forehead.

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