Synthetic v Human Hair

Synthetic wigs vs human hair wigs

What is the difference between synthetic hair and human hair?

A Synthetic wig is easy to maintain (wash and wear), less expensive than human hair, easy to style as it comes pre-styled and is often lighter that human hair.


A Human hair wig offers more versatility, longer durability and custom styling and colouring available, it does however require more styling and looking after than a synthetic wig.

Is human hair better than synthetic?

Not necessarily... choosing between a human hair wig and a synthetic wig is more of personal preference. For example, a person looking for a wig that is easy to maintain and less expensive would choose a synthetic wig... a person looking for a wig they plan on wearing everyday and that they can curl themselves would choose a human hair wig. Keep in mind that just because human hair wigs cost more it does not mean they are the "better" wig to buy. Many times a high quality synthetic wig looks more realistic than a low quality human hair wig.

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