Ballerina Bun by Hothair

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Ballerina Bun by Hothair
The Ballerina Bun is one of the hottest and most elegant trends of this year. You can create this glamorous celeb style updo easily by clipping in the Ballerina Bun.

Simply tie your own hair into a bun, place the Ballerina Bun over your own hair and secure with the interior combs. Secure with extra kirby grips and you’ve got your celeb style bun! .

Shown in colour: Cappuccino

Check out our how to video:
Watch the Ballerina Bun how to video
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Collection Hothair
List Price: £29.00
Our price: £6.00

  • Fibre: High Quality Synthetic that looks and feels completely natural. DO NOT HEAT STYLE

  • Clip Type: small combs on a solid bun cover. There are small hoops underneath for securing with kirby grips or hair grips

  • Diameter : inside: 10cm

  • Width:Diameter : outside : 15cm

How to care / style your New Hairpiece


How to care for your new hair piece

All our hairpieces are made from the highest quality synthetic fibre that is designed to look and feel just like real hair. To ensure these stay looking their best we suggest you care for these in the following way.

Hairpieces do not need to be washed as frequently as your own hair. We suggest you wash them every 10th wear or so, depending on how you have been wearing them.


Gently remove tangles from the wig with fingers or a tangle teezer. Do not brush.
To wash use a special mild shampoo such as Synovation & cool water, soak 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Do not rub.
To soften and smooth the fibre use a conditioning soak such as the Synovation revitaliser.
Dab gently with towel to remove excess water. Do not brush or comb while wet as this will stretch the fibre.
Hang to air dry.
Do not use heat- either blow dryer or hair tongs to style.
Please keep the hairpiece away from sources of heat (such as when you open the oven door) as this may cause the fibres to melt.


How to style your new hair piece

The style of the hairpiece has a 'memory' that will return to it once it has dried, eliminating the need for heat styling. Hairspray may be used to fix the style or if a glossy finish is wanted use a fibre oil. Please use specialist products that are soluble in cool water such as the Synovation products.

Synovation shampooSynovation fibre oilSynovation revitaliserSynovation finishing spraySynovation conditioning sprayTangle Teezer

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